Hiding From The Wind In Palmer Alaska

MoonmountIt’s -1 degree this morning in Palmer.  Wasilla is reading -15.  Forecasts today are for winds to 20 mph with gusts to 40.  That Matanuska Wind really magnifies the cold.  Hey, it’s clear and beautiful outside! There is always a bright side.

I don’t mind the wind or the cold until it gets really cold, like -20 or more.  There are some advantages to being built like a walrus.  The cold and wind remind me that we haven’t tamed everything, and that’s a good thing.

Since people often say they like Palmer but don’t like the wind, I thought I would tell you how to live in Palmer and stay out of the wind.  But first let me say that the wind blows in Wasilla too.  If it’s gusting to 60 mph in Palmer, the gusts are probably hitting 40 in Wasilla.  So just because you don’t buy a house in Palmer doesn’t mean you are avoiding the wind.

And, the wind doesn’t blow as much as people imagine.  It’s just that you remember it so well when the roof blows off.  We have serious wind storms only a few times a year.  I’m going to guess 5–8 wind storms that last 3 days or so.  I’m no geophysicist so don’t hold me to that.  I’m just giving my best guess after living here for 35 years. 

OK, where can you get away from the wind.

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