Finding Water, Is It Magic?

WelldrillerMost building lots in the Wasilla and Palmer areas do not have water lines available to them.  So if you buy a lot you are going to have to drill a well.  Where will you put that well?  Is it better in the back of the lot or the front?

Before you even purchase the lot you need to do a little research.  If you go down to the Department of Conservation, (DEC), office on Bogard Road armed with the legal address of your prospective property, you will find some very good information.  The people there will help to find well logs in your area that show the depth of the wells and the amount of water each well produces.  If all the neighbors have good wells you know your chances of getting water are very good.  It’s not a guarantee however, you are always taking chances when you drill.

 In some areas people have drilled two or three wells before finding one with good water.  The dry holes are usually not reported to DEC but are just abandoned.  So it is possible that the neighbors could have one or more dry wells on their property without DEC knowing about it.  For that reason, it’s a good idea to dig a little more. Talking to the neighbors is an excellent way to find out about wells in the area.  They will normally tell you if they had a hard time getting water.  I am a little surprised about buyers reluctance to talk to people in the neighborhood as part of their due-diligence in purchasing property.

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