Selling Your Home With Minimal Risk

InspectorSelling a home in Alaska is risky.  This is especially true if the home has some major defects which you are hiding. I’ll never forget looking at a home for a seller who wanted to know what I thought his home was worth.  As we walked in the front yard he mentioned in an off-hand way that a fuel tank was buried under the lawn but he had cut the pipe off about a foot down.  He said he didn’t think it was important to tell anyone about it.  As you can imagine, that is not a listing I pursued.  That seller was just asking for trouble.

If the buyer knows about all the defects in your home and buys it anyway, you will incur very little risk.  The important thing is to disclose as much as possible.  The Alaska Property Disclosure Form is required for all residential properties in Alaska. You should complete it as thoroughly as you can.  Answer all the questions for which you know the answer.  Some questions may require a little research, so if you can find the answer, write it down. 

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