Five Steps To Buying The Right House

You have made the decision to purchase a house in the Mat-Su Valley.  You recognize that you can get more house on more land by looking at Wasilla Real Estate and the surrounding area than you can in Anchorage.  This is a good move, but now what?

  • Pre-qualify.  The first thing you need to do is go to a lender to determine which loan you will use and how much of a house you will want to buy. It is very important to find an experienced mortgage lender.  At the end of this article are Wasilla lenders that have proven to be very helpful.
  • Written Requirements. After you have settled on a lender and know what your closing costs and house payments will be you need to put all your desires in writing.  Actually list them out on paper.  Feel free to put everything down that you will want in a house.  Now that you have the long list go back through it and separate the absolute needs from the wants.  Make two separate lists on the same sheet of paper, one with needs and one with wants.
  • Shop, shop, shop. Now you need a Realtor that will actually help you find what you need, not sell you on what they want you to buy. You need to be able to look at enough houses to satisfy yourself that you have a good feel for the market in your price range and area. 

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