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Complete South-Central Alaska MLS Search Link

Mat Su Short Sales
Motivated Sellers
Mat Su Listings New In Last 48 Hours
Palmer/Wasilla Vacant Land over 2 acres

All Marty’s Listings

Motivated Sellers

Mat Su Short Sales
Motivated Sellers

Palmer Searches

Palmer Homes Under $200,000
Palmer Homes over $200,000
Palmer Area Vacant Land Listings In Last 72 Hours
Palmer/Sutton Vacant Land Over 4 acres

Wasilla Searches

Wasilla Homes Under $200,000
Wasilla Homes over $200,000
Wasilla Area Vacant Land Listings In Last 72 Hours
Wasilla 4 Plexes

Talkeetna Searches

Talkeetna Homes
All Talkeetna Area Vacant Land Listings In Last 72 Hours


1. If you sign in on one of the registration only searches and receive your password come back to this page and click on the link for the search again. This will take you to the restricted search that you want. This is the only way to see these restricted searches.

2. You can edit any search after you are in it. You can modify it in almost any way. For example, you could take the Palmer Homes Under $200,000 search and change it to find only Anchorage Homes over $500,000. Or to find only vacant land in Talkeetna.

3. After you log into one of the restricted searches…keep your password somewhere. It’s a tough one to remember and I haven’t found a way to change the password to something that might be easier.

4. This search feature is new on Valley Market Real Estate and I will add to the FAQs as I learn more. If you have suggestions or questions please send them my way so that we can make the best use of this site. As opposed to all other search sites, this one is updated live. As soon as any realtor adds a listing to the MLS, it will appear on this site. This site has a live connection to the Alaska MLS system. Most other search sites are updated daily or even less often than that.

Area Searches

Lazy Mt Area Houses
Lazy Mt Area Land

Hatcher Pass Area Houses
Palmer City
Palmer City last 72 hours

Subdivision Searches

Brentwood Estates
Equestrian Acres
Golden Hills
Hart Lake Estates
Meadow Brook
Midtown Estates
Mountain Ranch
Pioneer Meadows
Summerwoods Subdivision

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