Arnie’s 4th of July July 6th, 2014

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Arnie's Parade

Arnie’s Parade

Arnie and Carol Hrncir sponsor an annual Independence Day celebration that is unique in Alaska and probably the world. Arnie is one of those classic Alaskan personalities. You know, the kind with the cowboy hat and “texas twang” that wandered North and found his real home. He also found Carol working at Victory Bible Camp at mile 95 Glenn Highway and the two settled down a couple miles away at Hick”s Creek Lodge. The lodge is now under the old highway at mile 96 so their headquarters moved to mile 100 Glenn Highway where they run a variety of “classic Alaskan” businesses. One of them is the Nitro Zip Line which offers a view of the Matanuska Glacier while you zip down the 1/4 mile run.

You can see Arnie and Carol as they sign along to “North to Alaska” in the video below:

The celebration features a parade of course,usually there are at least 5 entries, I think this year’s parade had nine or 10. I couldn’t tell if the boonie rig in the rear was actually in the parade or had just entered to ensure that the Ford Explorer, (which was celebrating it’s last harah before launching it’self into oblivion off a 300 foot cliff), didn’t stall. As it turned out the Explorer did stall but the boonie rig pushed it on through.

However, the Explorer was running fine later as it roared straight at the cliff. Thankfully, no animals or humans were hurt in this video. That can’t be said for the Explorer, however which is currently for sale.

A community potluck, bowling ball cannon, sing-along, and good old neighborly communion are the reason our family tries to make it to Arnie’s 4th of July each summer.

Written by Marty Van Diest

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